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The Not So Merry Wives of John Wayne

In contrast to the classic Western hero who kisses his horse before riding off into the sunset, Wayne was a great lover of women both on and off the screen. For example, he and actress Maureen O’Hara sizzled in McClintock and The Quiet Man, two classic films that showcased Wayne’s talentsWayne wed three times, first to Josephine Alicia Saenz, then to Esperanza Baur, and lastly to Pilar Pallete.

“Josie” Saenz was born May 13, 1908, to the Consul General of Panama in the United States, José Saenz, a wealthy businessman who lived in Los Angeles.Saenz’s parents were born in Madrid, Spain. Josie was between 15 and16 years old when she met John Wayne, an actor still using his birth name: Marion Morrison. They met at a beach party in Balboa, California.Her Catholic family opposed the relationship because he was a Presbyterian. They courted for seven years while he built his movie career.

Wayne’s financial status improved considerably due to his success at the box office, and he was able to convince her family to allow the marriage.The couple married on June 24, 1933, in a garden ceremony at the home of actress Loretta Young. The couple had four children: Michael Wayne (November 23, 1934 – April 2, 2003), Mary Antonia “Toni” Morrison-LaCava (February 25, 1936 – December 6, 2000), Patrick Wayne (born July 15, 1939) and Melinda Morrison-Muñoz (born December 3, 1940).After a few years, the marriage was in trouble. Wayne worked long hours at his career and was always surrounded by associates from the film world.

The couple also had differences of opinion about how their children should be raised. Ironically, Wayne converted to Catholicism two days before his death



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