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Sam Woods Once Shared a Cute Moment With Golf G.O.A.T. Father Tiger Woods

Sam Alexis Woods is the firstborn and the only
daughter of the golf legend Tiger Woods. Unlike
her little brother, Charlie Axel Woods, the
golfer’s daughter is not keen on playing golf.
However, she always enjoyed watching and
supporting her father from the sidelines since
she was young.

The video posted by PGA Tour from the 2013
Deutsche Bank Championship shows how the
young Sam Woods followed her father during his
final round in matching clothes!Woods is known for wearing red and black in
the final round of the tournaments. And the
viewers can see the then 6-year-old wearing the
same colors as her father while following him
around from hole to hole. “It is one of the cutest
things we’ve seen in a long time,” one of the
commentators of the tournament said.Notably, the 14-year-old Sam Woods visited her
father and brother playing at the 2021 PNC
Championship, wearing the red and black on
Sunday this time as well.“It hadn’t been a great day for dad (Woods),” the
commentator said. “But Sam has not left the
gallery.”Notably, Woods played well in the first two
rounds at the 2013 Deutsche Bank
Championship, scoring 68 and 67 in the first

However, he could only card 72 and 73
from rounds 3 and 4 and fell to T65 on the
leaderboard after the tournament.
Even though his ranks considerably fell and
Woods was in no contention to win the title, his
daughter didn’t stop following him. And it shows
the bond between the father and daughter.
Notably, Sam Woods introduced her father with
a funny yet emotional speech when World Golf
inducted him in the Hall of Fame this year.Tiger Woods has won 100+ championship titles
worldwide, including 15 majors and 18 World
Golf Championships.

For winning numerous titles
and creating records around the world, many
consider him the greatest golfer of all time.However, when it comes to his daughter, Woods
becomes nobody but a father! “ I don’t like
boys!” the teenage girl’s father quickly replied
when the famous actress Jada Smith asked him
what being a father of a girl taught him. “She
has taught me how to be more patient,” he
addedWhat do you think of the relationship between
the greatest golfer ever lived and his daughter?
[7/25, 06:33] Alfa Muheez: Sam Woods Once



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