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What is Novak Djokovic inhaling inside his mystery drinks bottle?

Djokovic sparked confusion during his last-16 win
when he gestured towards his box, pointed at his
bottle and then squeezed it to his mouth
By Tom Morgan and Simon Briggs
6 July 2022 • 6:10pm
The mystery around Novak Djokovic “inhaling” the
contents of a bottle at Wimbledon appears to have
been explained by a new craze of players eating
unmixed energy powder.
Semi-finalist Djokovic sparked confusion during his
last-16 defeat of Tim van Rijthoven when he gestured
towards his box, pointed at his bottle and then
squeezing it upwards to his mouth.
He did the exact same thing at the Australian Open in
2020, but when asked what was in the bottle, he
joked: “The liquids were magic potions that my physio
prepares in his lab.”
Sources at the All England Club said there was nothing
to suggest anything untoward was taking place.
senior tennis sources also dismissed any suggestion of
doping as they said it instead appeared to be an
unmixed energy drink or isotonic powder.

“You wouldn’t really get any benefit from doing it mid-
match, but I’m sure this is isotonic,” said the source.
“A lot of players have started eating powder, even pre-
workout isotonic powder. They’ve started eating it
without water. It’s mainly pre-workout stuff because it
gives them a buzz. I imagine it’s disgusting in the
throat. It’s weird, but it’s what they are doing.”
I would very much like to know what was in this
bottle. It certainly wasn’t liquid, and he gestured to his
coach before inhaling it. Very odd.
— Damian Reilly (@DamianReilly) July 5, 2022
Mixed isotonic sports drinks generally contain 40 to
80g of carbohydrate per litre, which is the same
osmolarity as body fluids and can be an effective way
to rehydrate.

Djokovic, the most high-profile athlete to openly refuse
Covid-19 vaccination, also often eats dates mid match
to keep his energy levels up. The Serb is so diet-
obsessed that he has spoken of only allowing himself
a square of chocolate after he wins.

Four years ago, the 35-year-old converted to a gluten-
free diet, saying it helped him become a “different
man” within 18 months. “My life changed because I
had begun to eat the right foods for my body, in the
way that my body demanded,” he has said. Djokovic’s
diet is based on vegetables, beans, white meat, fish,
fruit, nuts, seeds, chickpeas, lentils and healthy oils.



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